It is so important that your built-in brand name ice maker works around the clock for your family. This is especially true during the summer months. Due to its convenience and excessive use, our repair experience has consistently shown that high-end ice makers are the most common service requests of all repairs. Since having instant fresh and clean ice is a must have for your household, our factory certified technicians are here to help with the repair of any new or used built-in Dacor, Kitchen Aid, LG, Subzero, Viking, Thermador ice maker.

Since high-end ice makers are designed and built differently, we highly advise you the homeowner to consult only repair experts before attempting to fix any problem yourself. To fix your brand name ice maker on correctly and on time, our experienced technicians will need to diagnose and test seven or eight parts of this machine in order to quickly identify the root cause of failure with 100% accuracy.


To save you the time and money, we do not recommend allowing a non-expert to work on your expensive built-in ice maker. Without the proper training, expertise and special tools, the fixing of any high-end built-in ice maker can create further problems. Our certified and skilled technicians are here to help you quickly detect, diagnose, and fix any problem with your high-end ice maker so you can get back to enjoying your cold drinks All of our high-end ice maker repairs are backed by a 100% Homeowner Satisfaction Guarantee
When your built-in ice maker suddenly stops working, these may be the possible problems and causes.

Common Ice Maker Problems
  • Does not make ice
  • Freezes up
  • Fails to turn itself off
Common Causes
  • Jammed ice cube
  • Clogged water filter
  • Warm freezer temperature
  • Defective water inlet valve
  • Defective freezer switch issue
  • Defective mold thermostat or ice level control board

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    Ice Maker Maintenance Recommendations

    We must emphasize that regular maintenance of your often used built-in brand name ice maker is required to ensure optimal functioning and extend its life.

    • Install a water filter
    • Replace water filter every year
    • Clean ice maker every six months

    (We do repairs of: Refrigerator, Freezer, Oven, Range, Cooktop and Stove)

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